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Welcome to our club,


Located on the southern end of Pymatuning Lake, The Pymatuning Outboard Motor Club (POMC) has expanded over the years and now is probably one of the largest and most affordable boat clubs on the lake with over 200 members.  Our grounds keepers reside onsite, giving security to your boat while you are away.  Beautiful grounds with 2 pavilions for your use except during scheduled social events.  Charcoal grills are located throughout the property.  Large restroom/dressing rooms for members and their guests.  Our family friendly club has a playground for the kids.  Some of our members like to sit on our large deck enjoy looking out at the lake and talking with club members in a very relaxed atmosphere.  We have 5 annual social gatherings which all members are welcome to attend.  Please see the event schedule.  Our stationary and floating docks can accommodate pontoons, runabouts, and sailboats. 

Come join us at POMC!


Sandra Scott

Our Engagement

Currently we have several organized functions each year.  They are as follows:

  • May - Meet and Greet.  Open to members and the public. If the weather cooperates a bonfire will be provided.                                   

  • June – Wine & Cheese.  Each member brings a side dish to share.                              

  • July – Christmas in July. Each member brings a side dish to share and a gift for St. Paul's residents.                                                 

  • August – Annual picnic.  For this function you must purchase a dinner ticket.                

  • September – Corn roast with the club providing the corn and hot dogs.  Each member brings a side dish to share.

Our History

Pymatuning Outboard Motor Club was organized and incorporated in 1948 by a group of business men from Greenville. 

The purpose of this club is to serve in the interest of motorboat owners, sailboat owners, fisherman and all persons interested in the recreational facilities of Pymatuning Lake; to help defend such persons against discriminating legislation and unnecessary taxation; to prevent pollution of the lake and it’s tributary streams; to help protect the Game Refuge and Bird Sanctuary from thoughtless individuals and groups who might seek to violate it; to help keep the park land surrounding the lake clean and beautiful; to stimulate a greater interest in boating; to develop a medium for the exchange of information, boating and other, which might affect the interests of the members; to own or lease property for Club uses; and to do all things which will tend to serve present owners of boating equipment. 

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